[Info] A Simple Step To Clean Your Face

Cleaning face is a very important way to attain a fresh and smooth face. Prevent from any acne or blackhead emergence. Especially, for those who own oily skin, they have to washing face more often. But, sometime as a career woman, we don’t have enough time to complete a bucket of cleansing ritual. Here, I’d like to share my way in cleaning face at a short time.

  • Wash face as usual when taking a bath, using appropriate soap as your skin type
  • Apply face toner to make sure our face is clean without soap residue
  • Put light make-up for a daily look
  • Right after we arrive home, clean-up your face from make-up first by using make-up remover
  • Cooling down before taking a bath and wash with face soap
  • Gently rub face toner after finish taking a bath
  • Apply your night treatment for your face
  • Scrub your face at least once a week to remove any left sebum that possible clogging your pores
  • Have a mask time to rejuvenate your skin. Use mask as your needs; if you have problem with acne, than use acne mask, oily mask for oily skin, and so on
  • It is best if you could have a facial time once a month. Beside for cleaning, facial Β is good to renewing our skin
Happy trying!

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