[Review] NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder Dark Brown-Brown

For those who are looking an eyebrow cake powder (ECP), might this review will help you in deciding.
Not long time ago, I bought this ECP titled NYX at Kota Kasablanka Mall (I also wonder why I like to buy cosmetic in its Sogo than Sogo at MKG which nearer at my house, why Sogo over there is more teasing me to spend money hahaha..) Actually, I have been longing for this kind of item, doing research for best product and price before I met NYX and decied to buy it. When I found NYX counter, I was searching it with no hesitation. I determined to buy this thing at that time.

I was so excited for having this. Why? Because I always wanted to have a natural eyebrow and that can only be obtained by using cake powder like this. Using brush than pencil. Let’s see the inside.

Originally, this product has 3 shades of color:

Courtesy: NYX website
Due to my skin tone and also being advised by the BA, I choose Dark Brown-Brown shade for my brow. This ECP contains of 1 wax, 2 color shades (light & dark), 1 set eyebrow brush and mascara wand. Apply the wax first before shading the color to smoothing the shading. If not using it, you might feel coarse when applying the color. trust me. But just apply it in tiny amount so your brown wouldn’t look oily. The best usage is to blend both color, light one for inner then the dark start from arch to backward. But, you may also use this in single color like I do. Choose which one suits you.
Oh, don’t misunderstanding with the wax name. This wax isn’t like hair wax that will strengthen yours, its simply like a balm ^^. It is not a waterproof product and easily vanished by water, so if you were sweating, be careful while wiping your sweat on eyebrow area. 
Swatch: Left, dark brown. Right, light brown. Slightly different uh?
Sorry for inconvenient camera result >.<
Personal opinion
Yes! I fell in love with this product, good result with affordable price. It cost only for IDR 110,000 and might be cheaper on online shop. Just guessing. Though it isn’t a waterproof, that’s not a bother to me since my activity is mostly indoor. From several international brands I knew selling this kind item, NYX is the cheapest. Therefore, only put a slight shade, I think this item will last for more than one year. In the photo above, I’ve worn this for more than one month and still looks like new, right? 
If you asked me for repurchasing, “yes, i do” is my answer, unless I found better, completer, and cheaper price. Up until now, this product is satisfying me. 
Have you ever had experience like me? Mind to share? I have a plenty comment column for you below. Thanks for reading and be an active reader.
With love,

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