[Review] Mirabella Rainbow Eye Shadow Kit II

Hello fellas!
Today I would like to share an eye shadow kit from local product. It is called Mirabella, a brand line of Martha Tilaar Group. I bought this quite longtime ago till I forgot haha. The reason why I bought it just because the price at first and the color itself at next.Β 
It contains of 12 rainbow colors with pink as majority. Actually this product has 3 kind series. Mine is number 2. Number 1 color is a bit dark for me and number 3 is about matte palette. I actually didn’t remember the exact series, but I put number 1 & 3 just to differentiate it, hope I doesn’t switch it :D.
Let’s take a look for detail of this purple casing:

Do not forget the attached mirror. It will helps much for travelling.
The dual brush that I love the most. Sponge to apply and brush to blend.
Now, we’re going to look for the swatch!
Column 1. White, nude pink, and pink

Column 2. yellow, soft pink, and brown

Column 3. Grey, nude green, dark purple

Column 4. Blue, Green, Red
All color has shimmer, so I think it would be perfect for night make-up and enhance our eyes. Overall, I do like this eye shadow but too bad there are so much pink shade than other color. It is important to put primer first before applying this shadow to make it long last. Otherwise, it will get smear when your skin get oily.Β 
So, how do you think?
With love,
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