[Review] B.liv: Off with Those Heads – Basmi Komedomu Tanpa Rasa Sakit!

Hello again! Now, I’m back with sponsored article by Cellnique products. It was quite an surprising moment when someday about a month ago, a person from their Marketing Department contacted me through e-mail. She asked me whether I would like to review their upcoming product named B.liv and I, of course, gladly accept their invitation. …

[Review] Dapatkan Kulit Putih Merona dengan Citra Korean Pink Orchid: Moisturizer & Facial Foam

Hello, beauty lovelies… Long time no see ya… Kali ini saya kembali untuk me-review produk baru Citra, yakni Citra Korean Pink Orchid: Moisturizer & Facial Foam. Produk ini dikirimkan oleh Citra sekitar 2 minggu yang lalu bersaman dengan produk Citra Light Touch: Whitening Gel Serum & Body Lotion.