[Hangout] Pork, Beer, and Dim Sum Corner at Mr. Cuan

If you were a porky lovers, you should try this place out!

Mr. Chuan is a new hangout place, located in Kelapa Gading Square area, they serve numerous menu of oriental food such as fried and steamed dim sum, duck, chicken, and the irresistible pork meat! And to complete your hangout time, they also serve various kind of beers and other liquors.


At the time I visited them, there were a promo of selected set lunch menu for IDR 35.000,-/ set including rice, clear soup, vegetable, and hot/ iced tea. The promo is available for everyday from 11.00 am to 15.00 pm. The set menus that they offer are:

  • Hainan chicken rice
  • Beef black pepper
  • Duck fried rice
  • Salted pork belly
  • Chinese BBQ pork

And my choice went to salted pork belly because the look is to tempting! Here we go.


The pork belly rice set includes vegetable spring roll and caramelized kailan.


Take it to closer look, you can see how soft and juicy they are. The taste was just so tender and savor balanced. Perfecting the delicacy, they have slightly crunch on both ends. It makes you to take more, more, and more. Really irresistible and so yummy!

The vegetable spring roll was freshly fried and the density of the filling makes it worth to spend that thirty thousand rupiahs. I’m sorry that I was not really aware of the filling, but for sure it has sliced carrots as one of the ingredients.


Then, the special point that I’d like to highlight is the taste of the clear soup that so different from any other restaurant. The soup was rich and delicate with sesame oil taste, make you sense a special taste ever.


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