[Hangout] Sweet Temptation at Colette & Lola

Once upon a time, I visited Colette & Lola outlet in Mal Kelapa Gading 5 with my fiance, just to find a little sweet snack. To be honest, that was my first time stepping my feet in the one of famous cake shop. Then, after wandering the menu book, we decided to order this menu:

The Mango Mama contains a mango syrup and bunch of milk with popping boba. Yeah, I bet you already well aware with what popping boba. A tiny ball that will send you popping syrup sensation after you bite them. The drink was well tastes in terms not to sweet yet not too sour. The glass was served quite tall that enough for 2.

Meanwhile the red velvet cake was very soft made and despite of bunch peanut butter on the top, there was also a real peanut in the middle of the cake. The taste for me was just fine because the peanut butter balancing the sweet taste of the red velvet cake.

After enjoying our snack menu, I chose to walk around the outlet and took some photos of their unique product. Not only sell a small cake, they also offers eclairs, choco candy, and birthday cake.

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Colette & Lola
Mal Kelapa Gading 5, GF
Instagram: @colettelola


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