Enjoy Dessert & Coffee at Shirokuma

Shirokuma has been known as dessert house where first located in PIK area. Now, as they keep growing, they made expansion to another area. This time, I visited one of their branches in Kota Kasablanka Mall. Coming at noon, I thought its a perfect time to have something like ‘tea time’ then me and my fiance ordered the ice cream and latte drinks.

As my habit, I always eagerly to try something new and unique in every shop I visited. It caught my eyes to see the unusual taste. Firstly, I want to try the mix 4 twist ice cream which contains bamboo charcoal taste, but too bad it wasn’t ready yet and ended up to have seasalt, nutella, matcha, and vanilla ice cream as seen in the photo. The taste was really unique and not bad either. And for the drinks, I grab a cup of hot bamboo charcoal latte that I can’t find in other place. Unfortunately, I can’t have a bear picture of latte art since the waitress said that in weekend, they couldn’t serve the shirokuma latte art because they need to catch up with many orders coming. *sigh*


Bamboo Charcoal Latte

So this cafe latte belongs to my fiance since he only wants a simple drink. He stated that the taste is good enough, just as fair as he drink at other place.


Cafe Latte




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