Nivea Makeup Clear Cleansing Water Review

My current favorite makeup cleanser!

One day I was looking for a cleanser that good for my oily skin. Honestly, I accidentally bumped to this product while scanning a cleansing rack at @watsonsindonesia. How not? This product was placed at the bottom of the rack!

After I found it, I took and learned its detail. It is said that the cleansing water able to clean the makeup all over the face including eyes without leaving it greasy. They also claimed that this product doesn’t contain coloring, perfume, alcohol, paraben, and silica. (Oh yes I love it!)

To my surprise, the price is also on budget! So, without thinking so much, I grabbed this and brought directly to the cashier.

After giving it a try, I wanna scream and praise that I REALLY REALLY LOVE THIS SO MUCH! I’ve used this water for almost a month and it does clean my makeup well and most important, MY FACE DOESN’T BREAK OUT!

How lucky I am finding this cleansing water. This is my #holygrail #skincare product I ever had. The package is also big enough but handy and I think it will last for months. So, it will save up your money more.


Safe ingredients, budget price, easy to find at nearby drugstore, last for months, NO BREAK OUT

I did buy this with my money and no other sponsorship behind. Speaking the truth, I didn’t find any bad things to complain about this product. Thank you @nivea_id for inventing this awesome cleansing water.

Repurchase? I’m pretty sure that I will!

Price IDR 43.000 at Watsons
(don’t know in other drugstores and haven’t checked it yet)


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