[Review] Comparison BB Cream: Caring Colours Everlast vs Maybelline Clear Smooth Stick

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Here we go! Today, I’d like to review in comparison between my BB cream I have. The challenge goes to:

  1. Caring Colours Blemles Balm Everlast
  2. Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Stick
First, this is the appearance of Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Stick:
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With the stick form, Maybeline CSBB is genuinely purposed to oily skin. The solid contour make it very simple and easy to use. Only need one hand to rub it onto our face. In the other side, Caring BB is in liquid form. Hereby the comparison:
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Caring BB’s liquid seems darker than Maybelline. FYI, Maybelline CSBB has 2 tone colors: Natural, the lightest and Radiance, for deep color skin. CSBB contains SPF 21 for sun protection, while Caring has UV protection with SPF 25 and 1 tone color. Tough it seems darker at first, it will be bright after applied. When applying onto my back hand, the result has quite no difference, but after applying onto face, there’s a difference on coverage. See picture below:
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As we could see, Caring coverage is smoother than Maybelline. Caring BB absorb and cover the flaws  & pores better. Both BB has good oil control. When I wearing them, my face stands of oil-free approximately until 6-8 hours indoor. After that, the oil starts to appear but not until make my face seems shining. 
For Maybelline, I have personal experience. In the early I used it, I really impressed with the result, but don’t know, after few times applying that, acne turns up simultaneously. My face almost full of acne at sudden day. Since there, I won’t using it at get back to use Caring BB which reduce my acne. In my thought, would it be the acne is caused by the solid texture of Maybelline which instead clog the pores and sebum circulation? Because, the purpose of this stick is for oily skin, yes it is make the user’s face oil-free even better, I believe it wouldn’t cause any acne. But, why the reality says the vice versa? I’m still wondering. Few days ago, I also heard from some of my friends who experienced the same. Well, maybe not to all people. I believe there are some people well match using Maybelline CSBB. I’m a Maybelline fan, most of my beauty product are from Maybelline and I have no problem with them. Just this time, I can’t use the stick.
Well, let’s change to Caring BB. As I do some research, I found that it contains Cinnamon Zeylanicum which has a great contribution as sebum regulator. To find out more about the ingredients, please visit their official website. The package of Caring BB is very hygiene, because you will find out the tip is double sealed by aluminium foil and plastic after that. The fragrance is soothe also.
This review is subjective, the real experience is yours. Which one does match your skin, that’s the important point. I like Caring BB instead of Maybelline because the reasons above. The ultimate reason is acne causes and coverage. Oil control is good enough for both. 
So, what is your choice, girls?

Melissa Tjia

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  1. Hi.. thanks so much for the info! jadi nambah pengetahuan baru!

  2. Kyknya maybelline bb stick bikin km jerawatan karena mengandung ethylhexyl palmitate deh. Itu salah satu zat comedogenic. Apalagi urutan di ingredients list-nya paling awal. Just fyi though, so next time when you want to buy another makeup product (especially base makeup), you could avoid the ones that contain e.p. (and other comedogenic ingredients as well) hehe 🙂

  3. Iya, makanya nih kita kudu picky waktu beli make-up. So far sekarang kalo beli buat muka prefer powder, aman buat jerawat n gak nutup. Kalo BB cream, tmn aku skrg ada yg pake Body Shop Shisho bagus juga.

  4. ya.. kejadian yg sama ketika gw pake bedak”an merk maybelline… Jerawat keluar semua padhl kulit gw berminyak..

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