This is my first post about make-up things. Yeah, I’m interested in beauty things these days, and that’s why I’d like to write a little story about my make-up tools and the experience. I have a special history with eyeliner. For me, it is tough enough to find which eyeliner that suits onto my little eyes.
As the owner of Asian eyes, eyeliner become a very important thing and must have item. I might able to go out without eye shadow, blush on, etc. But I can’t stand without eyebrow pencil and eyeliner! Holy almond eyes!
At the time when I started aware to use make-up and as a newbie, I began to draw with eyeliner pencil. To enable my eyes become used to drawing. But, using pencil is not enough. The color couldn’t last for long and therefore it faded to the bottom of my eyes. Could you imagine how mess my look? So I’d like to upgrade the eyeliner to the liquid one. To find the perfect liquid was not an easy task too. I ever tried so many brands, from unknown until the well-known local brand, but I still found that the incorrect liquid will fade or cause to clot. Geez! 

Once upon a time, I finally met one local brand eyeliner, named “Sariayu Duo Make-up Mascara & Eyeliner”. This item quite match with what I need. The eyeliner is absolutely waterproof, long lasting, no clot, and real black. But the shortage is when removing, it needs an extra effort to rub and sometimes it hurts my eyelid or shed my lashes :'(

ed408 img 20130330 105356 1 [Review] Eyeliner's Story

Today, as gel eyeliner become hype, that item often tickling my brain. So, when I went to some random places, I took time to visit any beauty shop. Looking for the gel eyeliner and observed both quality and the price of course. Then until accidentally, when I was in MKG, I have seen that Maybelline in cooperation of Watson held a special promo for Maybelline buyers. The “Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner” stood dazzlingly in its rack. I asked the male BA-yes male, I’m not mistyping-about the product. While he was explaining the benefit of it, he handed me the sample. I slightly test onto my back hand and found that the texture is quite soft. The brush helps it to be easily applied. The male BA claimed that it also waterproof. The price is also affordable, about IDR 98,000. The price might be difference due to the sell place. 

59b1f img 20130330 105212 1 [Review] Eyeliner's Story
001f9 img 20130330 105748 [Review] Eyeliner's Story
The result by using gel eyeliner. Quite unclear, eh?
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Formerly, I also ever bought one of Maybelline eyeliner named “Eyestudio Hypersharp Liner”. The form is like small marker with very tiny tip, about 0.05 mm. Tough the vendor claimed it is waterproof, somehow it still doesn’t long last to me. In the mid-day, I always found the eyeliner already faded. Is that because of my oily skin type? Waterproof is not oily proof? Haha… Just my joke. But that hypersharp is still usable for me to sharpen the line form, or adjust on the edge, or-if you dare-drawing some kind of beauty line on your outer corner eyes.

471ac img 20130330 105430 1 [Review] Eyeliner's Story

cpp P0202030 2 L [Review] Eyeliner's Story

2d92d img 20130330 105502 1 [Review] Eyeliner's Story
Comparison: Maybelline Hypersharp (Top), Sariayu Duo (Mid),
and Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel (Bottom)

Tips in using eyeliner:
  1. If you were a newbie, try to use pencil first to flex your hand. Yes, the result might not very satisfying, but it is the basic practice.
  2. Later if you were more flexible, you may upgrade to liquid eyeliner. The result is bolder than pencil. Make sure you find the right one or find some references to avoid you from regret after purchase. Waterproof is the most recommended because most of us do activities in a whole day, right? Waterproof prevents you of being bothered. 
  3. Eyeliner gel is mostly advised for those who are already expert in using the liquid one. It is not a must of course, back to your preferences. Based on what I heard from the male BA, most of the liquid user moved to the gel one.

Melissa Tjia

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  1. Iya, better tiap hari latihan pake eyeliner. Nanti kalo udah biasa gak geter lagi n bisa upgrade tipe eyeliner. hehehe 😉

  2. Wah.. Aku ga pnah sukses pake eyeliner dg baik n benar.. Suka geter tangannya.. Hahaha.. Belajar lg ahh dr pake pensil.. Nice post ^^d

  3. gak tau aku juga, kita harus balik lg aja kayak nya ke yang udah kita komenin..
    oya cara untuk liebsternya itu tinggal klik kanan gambar awardnya, trus open image in new tab, trus klik kanan lagi, save as. and you're done! 🙂

  4. Wow… thank you so much for nominating me!

    Anyway, kamu tahu cara supaya kita bisa tahu komen kita di blog orang sudah dijawab atau belum? Soalnya kan kadang after left comment, kita lupa balik lagi hehe…

  5. kalo convert html tinggal ke photobucket aja dear, nanti udah ada linknya trus paste ke widget html 🙂
    oya aku nominasiin kamu untuk liebster award, cek ya 🙂

  6. Wow… Hebat banget bisa convert to HTML gitu, belajar di mana?

  7. Hi there, Melissa thank you for the nice comment on my post 😀
    yes, most of gel liners tend to always be hardened when we open it for a quite long time, also with the brush it's the same with other makeup brushes, esp the gel will make it not as comfortable to apply as before if it is hardened.
    oh anyway, I design my template all by myself, I'm not using any CSS code dear ^^
    I just made every elements of it in Photoshop, then turned it into a html code and using the widgets provided by blogger..
    love your header, it's pink 😀
    nice to know you too, anyway~

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