[Announcement] Mel's Playroom 1st Mini Giveaway Alert!

Yesterday is my blog anniversary and I got special greeting card from Girls Inspired Group! I really touched because I myself even forgot about the day.. Oh shame on me! And thank you so much for GIG!
To celebrate the 1st anniversary of Mel’s Playroom, I will hold a mini giveaway for Indonesia area only. Sorry for the limitation but I have some conditions too. The giveaway will be held on the midst of August. It takes so long because the prize that I prepared is in PO system, so I have to wait until the item is come. Please be patient and keep look forward together.

Last but not least, I would like to say thanks for the readers, the followers, beauty blogger friends, and all my friends who support me along this time. I will do my best to make my blog the best! 

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Melissa Tjia

Author of Mel's Playroom - Mom and Beauty Blogger.

A full time mom and a part time blogger who occasionally escape to blogging as her stress release therapy.


  1. Thank you mak.. *smooch*
    Tar semedi dulu biar dapet ilham… hahaha

  2. happy blogversary babe! ditunggu postingan cetar2nya yakkkk

  3. Thank you Lauren! *kecup basah* #peluk
    With out you and others I couldn't stand like today #eaaa…
    Hihihi… but sincerely, beauty blogger friends are my spirit boost!

  4. Yeayyy!! Happy blogversary mel
    Makin produktif, makin oke, happy writing!

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