[Hangout] Affordable Chinese Food at Chuantin Restaurant

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Hearing the word “chinese food”, we will directly imagine of vast restaurant space, full of 10 chairs table, huge portion that possible to eat for whole family, and for sure the food prices definitely fantastic in each portion.

But, that imagination quickly disappear when I have a sit and opened the menu book in Chuantin restaurant which located in Mall Kelapa Gading 1. Out of prediction, the prices are amazingly affordable for family sized portion. To more surprise, it is possible for us to eat there in two or more small group.
Chuantin headquarters actually located in Pesanggrahan and now currently spreading its branches over Jakarta. Latest information that I got, they will open a new branch at Pacific Place Mall in mid March 2016. So wow!
Chuantin is mostly well known for their special Hokkian Lomie and serve various Asian fusion food. I ever tasted their lomie, but too bad, in this post I will write about their other foods instead of the lomie. Perhaps, I’m going to write about it later.
So, this time I have two kinds of their fusion menu which are named fried calamari with chili and salt and casual puyunghai. Let’s take a look on their appearance.

Fried calamari with chili and salt

This savory menu came out with the domination color of red, green, and brown. Rich of fried garlic flakes, cayenne pepper slices, and leeks topping that tempting my saliva to quickly chew them in my mouth. The taste of saltiness was undoubtedly balance and very delicious, especially the spiciness that make us to have more, more, and more until the plate clean. And oh, you can’t ignore its crunchiness as well!
Next plate, let’s take a look on the other dish: Puyunghai! Its already pretty known among society. The food that made from egg as the basic ingredients with bunch of various veggies.
Casual Puyunghai

Chuantin offers enourmous choices of menu that will make you curious of it taste. They also offer seafoods, chicken based, duck based, vegetables, and beverages. This restaurant menu also contains pork, especially in their lomie.
As I stated above, you don’t have to worry about the price and the feedback you taste is worth enough with the cash you pay. FYI, this restaurant often spotted in crowd and waiting list on weekend. Be ready fort that ;-).
Chuantin Restaurant
Mall Kelapa Gading 1, GF
Price range: IDR 10k – 65k/ portion
Average spending: IDR 50k – 100k/ 2 persons.

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