[Contest] Have You Ever Met The Forest Fairy?

Once upon a time…
A little girl trapped in the midst of darkest forest. She lost her mother when they were walking together. She cried out loud calling her mother but all the answer is the echo of her voice. She, then, falling asleep because of tired crying. She felt no hope and drowned to the dream…
After a while… she felt like hearing a voice waking her up. She opened her eyes a bit and astonished because a stranger creature is up on her. She lose her voice to scream at sudden but then that creature try to calm her panic attack. The stranger creatures then introduced herself as the forest fairy and asked her why she is there alone.

The little girl said that she lost from her mother, she really want to meet her mom again, she ask the fairy a favor, to make her meet her mom again. With a broad smile, the forest fairy granted her wish. She took the little girl in her arm and flew through the trees. The girl was very scared until have no courage to open her eyes while flying with the fairy. Once her feet touched the ground, she looked into the fairy’s eyes carefully and say thank you.
Not really far from the place they were standing, the little girl saw his mother shouting her name nervously. The fairy really took her to her mother! She then said thank you to the fairy and the fairy later asked her a favor as a return. The fairy asked to the girl to keep silent about their meeting. She didn’t want their clan to be known to other human. After hooking their little finger, the fair started to disappear. The little girl felt upset that she can’t meet the kind fairy anymore, but, then, her mother pick her up and cried that she was really worried something happened to her only daughter. Her mother then take the girl back home and many years past…
20 years later, the girl still can’t forget her meeting with the fairy, and to commemorate it, she tried to draw her face looking like the fairy she met…
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Cerita di atas hanyalah cerita fiksi. Make-up look fantasy ini saya buat dalam rangka untuk mengikuti Indonesian Beauty Blogger Make-up Challenge (IBB MUC) November 2013 yang disponsori ole Coverderm. So, how do I look? Please give me your comment! :). Dan jika kamu tertarik untuk ikutan, silahkan langsung klik aja gambar di bawah ini untuk melihat syarat dan ketentuan yang berlaku.
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See you in the next post! 🙂
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