Hello Mr. Gu Drama Review: Mediocre Plot For Entertaining Purpose

Hello Mr. Gu 1 Hello Mr. Gu Drama Review: Mediocre Plot For Entertaining Purpose

Hello Mr. Gu was starred by 2 rookie actors and has a very light story that suitable for young adults. This is also a typical rom-com drama with abundant cliches and predictable storyline, nothing much surprising nor complicated conflict. Involving accidental kisses, marriage contract, and cohabiting, how this drama turned out?

If you want to go through Hello Mr. Gu, I think I should advise you in advance to not put high expectations on this. No need to wrinkle your forehead and just simply enjoy the show given, sincerely.

Hello Mr. Gu Synopsis

Hellor Mr. Gu

Hello Mr. Gu confides a love story between Gu Nan Zhou (Chen Jing Ke) and Zhou Jian Qing (Yan Zhi Chao). Gu Nan Zhou is a sole heir of Gu Group but choose to pour his energy to his own animation company, Nebula.

One day he was informed regarding his late father last will, is to help Zhou family since the Gu family indebted him in the past. Zhou father had been helping Gu father in crisis moment, thus he silently handed him a 5% shares of his company but this situation remains unknown to Zhou family.

Gu Nan Zhou took different perception toward his father last will. He thought to marry Zhou’s daughter instead and of course his attitude is only resulted in Zhou Jian Qing’s strong refusal. Zhou Jian Qing didn’t want to marry a fellow stranger and believe that a marriage should be based on love. Moreover, their first encounter left no good impression of each other.

Hello Mr. Gu

Nonetheless, Zhou Jian Qing faced a big problem. She discovered the fact that his older brother shoulders a huge debt due to their family’s downfall. Therefore, she forced herself to accept the marriage proposal from Gu Nan Zhou, with one condition that is to lend her certain amount of money to cover up his brother’s debt.

However, the latter side had chosen to omit the proposal, after being reprimand by his mother. It is true that their family is indebted to Zhou’s and they should pay it forward. But Nan Zhou could choose other way around to help them aside from marriage. She opposed their marriage if it based on paying gratitude only, though she likes and doting Jian Qing.

Learning Jian Qing hardships, Nan Zhou is finally took a pity of her and agreed to have an engagement contract for them. Taking his assistant as the mediator, they both drafting hundreds of clausal contract all night long.

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But the problem has not fully solved yet. The debt collector chased Jian Qing up to her dorm and created a fuss, putting Jian Qing in guilt and later decided to leave so her room mate won’t be affected by her problem anymore.

Hello Mr. Gu

Jian Qing initially asked her bestie, Su You Xia / Su Su, to stay in her place temporarily but Su Su is currently out of town. Feeling that someone tailed her, Jian Qing desperately run to Nan Zhou’s apartment to hide. So that is how they ended up living together and pretend to be a real couple in front of Nan Zhou’s mother and their close surroundings. But after passed through several situations, they are eventually have mutual understanding and share the same feeling.

Hello Mr. Gu didn’t stop right there yet. Despite his prominent look as a capable man, Gu Nan Zhou suffers a PTSD caused by his older brother’s death. He couldn’t be in the middle of crowd as it will trigger his trauma and collapse. Hence, he never show up in large scale meeting and send his assistant instead as his representative.

This condition caused a stir in the shareholder meeting. Everybody there thought that Gu Nan Zhou negelcting his role by never showing up. The second largest shareholder, Lu Zi Ming, take this opportunity to usurp the ownership of Gu Group by buying over and collect small shareholders. The last resource lays in Zhou’s family and thus he tried to persuade Jian Qing to hand over her share to him. He slyly hinted her that Nan Zhou’s ultimate purpose by courting her is none other than because of her share.

Hello Mr. Gu 3 Hello Mr. Gu Drama Review: Mediocre Plot For Entertaining Purpose

The secret revelation was succeed in making Jian Qing gains her doubt to Nan Zhou’s sincerety. Followed by several misunderstanding that sowed by Jing Xuan, all the circumtance drove her to leave and break up with Nan Zhou.

On the other side, Nan Zhou couldn’t do much to save their relationship since he is being restrained by his company problem. He has to face copyright infringement issue and divestation, which later be revealed that those were initiated in purpose by Jing Xuan. This problem cost him a lot of money and have to give up all his property.

Zhou Jian Qing subsequently learnt the truth of Nan Zhou’s condition and felt rather guilty by leaving him while he was in trouble. Thus to make up her guilt, she asked the company that willing to bring her comic into a movie, to cooperate with Nebula as their production house. By this chance, they both eventually meet, clear up the misunderstanding, and reconcile.

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Hello Mr. Gu Casts

Hello Mr. Gu 5 Hello Mr. Gu Drama Review: Mediocre Plot For Entertaining Purpose

Chen Jing Ke as Gu Nan Zhou

His outer appearance is perfect. A young man with promising future. He is a sole heir of Gu Group who established his own company as well. His company runs in produce animation movie since he has his own dream to make a animation movie based on his childhood story.

Despite his perfect persona, he has a weak spot, that his disease. He tried so hard to hide his sickness in order to not alarm the enemy. And since he met Jian Qing, the latter came up with a way to cure his sickness gradually. Though the method wouldn’t completely recuperate him, but at least he was finally able to appear in larger scale group meeting.

Since he is not that sociable, he finds it hard when dealing with Jian Qing. He doesn’t know how to treat a girl and ends up bickering with her. That’s why his relationship was frequently meet a dead end due to their misunderstanding towards each other.

Hello Mr. Gu 6 Hello Mr. Gu Drama Review: Mediocre Plot For Entertaining Purpose

Yan Zhi Chao as Zhou Jian Qing

She is a rookie actress and Hello Mr. Gu is her debut. Nothing much I can say about her acting despite she is good enough, not too disappointed and hopefully she could elaborate more in the future projects.

Zhou Qian Jing is a college student and manhwa artist. She earns some money as a part-time illustrator. Unlucky condition of her family put her in distress, but she endure it all without any complaint. Her character is somewhat a little bit childish but gradually grow to be more mature as the episode goes by.

Hello Mr. Gu 12 Hello Mr. Gu Drama Review: Mediocre Plot For Entertaining Purpose

Guo Yun Qi as Zhou Zi Xuan

Zhou Jian Qing’s elder brother. He shoulders the family’s debt and lied to his sister, saying that he went abroad for a better opportunity. But one day, due to being pursued by debt collectors, his hiding act were discovered ny Jian Qing.

He is a good and responsible brother anyway. He initially against Nan Zhou and Jian Qing relationship, since it was due to their debt. But when Nan Zhou showed his seriousness to Jian Qing, he gave his bless for them. He has a feeling to Su Su, but chose to hold it back due to his economy condition. But then, he eventually admit his feeling and started a relationship with Su Su.

Hello Mr. Gu 11 Hello Mr. Gu Drama Review: Mediocre Plot For Entertaining Purpose

Zhu Dan Ni as Su You Xia / Su Su

She is a good bestie to Jian Qing and an accomplice of Zi Xuan in terms of providing what Jian Qing needs. In the other side, due to her introvert personality, her mother frequently drove her to a blind date to get a better partner for her future. However, she never be convenient with that. She has Zi Xuan in her heart and no man could replace him.

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Hello Mr. Gu 10 Hello Mr. Gu Drama Review: Mediocre Plot For Entertaining Purpose

Ding Jia Wen as Zhang Yin

He is Jian Qing assistant and also a college mate. By working together, his love for Jian Qing grew. Just too bad that Jian Qing didn’t share the same feeling. He knew it and subsequently help Jian Qing to rekindle her relationship with Gu Nan Zhou.

Hello Mr. Gu 9 Hello Mr. Gu Drama Review: Mediocre Plot For Entertaining Purpose

Xin Rui Qi as Jiang Jing Xuan

A trustable colleague of Gu Nan Zhou but also tacitly loving him. She is jealous to the max when Jian Qing start to appear in Nan Zhou’s life and tried any dirty tricks to ditch her. However, Jian Qing herself is not an easy opponent to be got down by such tricks. She could turning back what Jing Xuan gave to her.

Until one day she made her own blunder by bringing Nebula into a chaos due to copyright infringement that she deliberately create. In the end, she is being dimissed by her love.

Her character reminds me to Qiao Lian Fang of The Sword and The Brocade, it just the latter was more savage.

Zhong Wei Lun as Jiang Xiao Chuan

He is Gu Nan Zhou assistant, both personal and work matters. Sometime he also could be Nan Zhou’s love advisor. He has a funny side that will entertaint us even more.

Thought for Hello Mr. Gu

Overall the conflict of this drama lies within the couoke themselves, who lack of openness and communication. Both are frequently made self pressuming towards each other, therefore misunderstanding came to the air. Catching he chance, the jealousy second female lead came to fishing in the murky water. There is no such grand scheming despite the effort to collect the company stock.

As I said earlier, this drama is very light to consume if you prefer less complicated conflict. Hello Mr. Gu has 30 episodes in total with 30 minutes length duration for each. Just enjoy its cliches and have yourself be entertained. Do not think too much and grab popcorn while watching them.

So, if you prefer a more adorable romance with adequate conflict, I suggest you watch Love Is Sweet instead of this. But if you like a lighter romance, Hello Mr. Gu may become your suitable option.



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