Love Is Sweet Drama Review: A Girl That Has Tears Allergic

LOVE IS SWEET 1 Love Is Sweet Drama Review: A Girl That Has Tears Allergic

Love Is Sweet is a last-year rom-com drama. Brings up a rare allergic disease as the story background and starred by 2 experienced young actors like Luo Yun Xi and Bai Lu, how the story went? Is it worth our time to watch this through the end? Read my following review here.

Since I have been immersed in Chinese drama these days, so pardon me for frequently writing a review of the dramas that impressed me. And for this article, I’d like to share my point of view of Love Is Sweet, last year’s drama that told us about a rare allergic that seemingly bizarre but in fact, it exists.

Love Is Sweet Synopsis

Jiang Jun (Bai Lu) has a tears allergy since an early age and thus she couldn’t shed a drop of tears or otherwise, she will out of breath, faint, and ended in hospital. Therefore, her father asked her schoolmate Yuan Shuai (Leo Luo Yun Xi) who is 2 years older to help him to take care of Jiang Jun during school time.

Luo Yun Xi is the actor who played as young He Yi Chen in My Sunshine (2015) drama.

A business-minded Yuan Shuai asking a monthly fee to her father as remuneration for his service. But in fact, little Yuan Shuai did many horrible things that considered a bully to Jiang Jun. However, the “evil” thing he did was purposed to strengthen Jiang Jun’s mentality so she would not easily cry. At the same time, Yuan Shuai also harbors a feeling to her. Due to one incident in their high school, Jiang Jun hated Yuan Shuai to the max and thus she asked to be transferred to another school. On the other side, Yuan Shuai’s parents also asked him to study abroad and that’s how they both were finally parted.

Ten years later, Jiang Jun applied as an employee to a well-known investment company. She passed multiple phases of recruitment excellently and eventually reach the final stage. However, she was surprised when she saw Yuan Shuai as the final interviewer and would be her superior if she was accepted.

Love Is Sweet
Be ready for an intense romance scene by Love Is Sweet drama

Yuan Shuai was also more than surprised to see his crybaby girl applied for this fierce job. Knowing her allergic, he decided to decline her saying she would not fit for this job. As a redemption, he offered her a managerial job to another top 3 company which less burden and suitable for her-but rejected. He also makes a sly arrangement so Jiang Jun lives next door to him. Yes, he determined to court Jiang Jun and make her his lover.

A furious Jiang Jun was not easily giving up. She found a backdoor way through Lin Tian Mo, the Vice President of MH firm, and succeed. But she has to pay the grant, she has to endure all the bad rumours of her since she was admitted through a special sponsor. Her early days were filled with quarrels and bickering with Yuan Shuai, moreover after she found out that he is also her neighbor. But little did she know that Yuan Shuai making a fuss to her is only to grab her attention. And as time goes by they both eventually admitted their own feeling to each other.

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After they were officially dating, the real conflict started to emerge. Jiang Jun’s strong desire to enter MH was none other than to investigate his father’s cause of death. Would she finally be able to find the truth?

Love Is Sweet Ending

Happy ending with Yuan Shuai and Jiang Jun were finally married and later she got pregnant. The second couple, Li Xiao Chuan and Xu Li was also tied up after the ups and downs. Meanwhile, the adoptive siblings, Du Lei and Linda, were reflecting their fault and try to find their own happiness respectively.

Love Is Sweet Casts

Love Is Sweet

Yuan Shuai – Luo Yun Xi

A manager of MH Investment Company which entitled God of War as he always succeeds in develop a strategy and handling clients. Thanks to him that the company upraising its profit every year. He has a crush on Jiang Jun since school year and when he eventually met her again, he wouldn’t waste a chance to court her. He was very determined from the beginning but however, his method was somewhat childish. He appeared as a fierce and grumpy superior but helped Jiang Jun from the back.

Love Is Sweet

Jiang Jun – Bai Lu

Have to endure a rare allergic and get “bullied” by Yuan Shuai made her detesting him to the max. But after realizing what Yuan Shuai has done for her was made her heart melted and requited his love thereafter. She is strongly determined to work in MH to discover the real cause of her father’s death.

Love Is Sweet

Du Lei – Gao Han Yu

The ultimate rival of Yuan Shuai since he continuously being defeated by him in the trade market. But once became an alliance under a mission to reveal Jiang Jun’s father’s case. He was want to use Jiang Jun for his own benefit to take down Yuan Shuai but eventually falling in love with her for real. Jiang Jun initially considered him as a mentor and best friend, but after learning that he came from the company’s rival, she started to put a distance from him. And when finally he confessed his own feeling, Jiang Jun rejected him because she couldn’t accept him more than he was meant to her. His obsession almost put Jiang Jun in danger and therefore she chose to totally break any relationship with him.

Love Is Sweet

Qiao Na – Zhao Yuan Yuan

She is Jiang Jun’s direct supervisor and also Yuan Shuai’s comrade. The only female superior in MH. She is a fierce and tough woman. Her capability is almost at the same level as Yuan Shuai. She has a feeling for Yuan Shuai and gets jealous when they both are getting close to each other. But in the end, Qiao Na has become the couple’s greatest supporter.

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Love Is Sweet

Li Xiao Chuan – Riley Wang

Yuan Shuai’s younger cousin, an IT maniac. He once helped Yuan Shuai in solving a crucial case. He is developing a digital love platform without any experience of loving. He trusts his platform algorithm of love at most and thus he is doubting his feeling to Xu Li.

Love Is Sweet

Xu Li – Shane Xiao

Jiang Jun’s best friend is deeply crushing Li Xiao Chuan at the first sight. She was actively court Xiao Chuan but the latter remained unmoved. When she was about to give up, Xiao Chuan came to her and confess his feeling too.

Love Is Sweet

Du Ling / Linda – Ariel Ann

Du Lei’s adoptive sister harbors a special feeling to him. However, she tends to control Du Lei in many ways. She almost harmed Jiang Jun as a warning to her brother because she knew that Du Lei likes her for real. She was also an ex-accomplice of Lin Tian Mo and indirectly involved in Jiang Jun’s father’s death.

Lin Tian Mo – Melvin Sia

The real culprit in causing Jiang Jun’s father’s death. He is also the VP of MH and the one who made Jiang Jun joined the team. But after he found out who she is through Linda, he tried to get rid of Jiang Jun.

Final thought for Love Is Sweet

LOVE IS SWEET 9 Love Is Sweet Drama Review: A Girl That Has Tears Allergic

An enjoyable rom-com drama

If you like a moderate conflict of romance drama set in modern time, you should give this a try. This drama only has 36 episodes in total, an adequate amount I think. Not too long or draggy as well. Many hilarious things make us couldn’t help but laugh. The best remedy to ease our heart after the hustle-bustle in a day. And if you liked a fluffy romance drama, you’ll get satisfied by watching Love Is Sweet and get steamy with many kiss scenes.

The chemistry between Luo Yun Xi and Bai Lu is presented nicely. I love the scene where they finally confess their own feeling. Yuan Shuai covered Jiang Jun’s eyes to prevent her tears before kissing her lovingly. And the most unforgettable scene for me is when Jiang Jun’s mother calmly punished Yuan Shuai to drink 3 glasses of full wine consecutively after he admitted that he was the one who made Jiang Jun suffer a deep trauma in their last school year.

LOVE IS SWEET 12 Love Is Sweet Drama Review: A Girl That Has Tears Allergic
My favorite kiss scene of Love Is Sweet

Love Is Sweet drama uses the actors’ real voice, not dubbed. I always feel happier to hear their real voice instead of being dubbed where sometimes the dubber voice sounds annoying or too high pitch like the dubber of Zhou Jian Qing from Hello Mr. Gu.

Though the chemistry of our main lead is well packaged, I don’t really feel the same for the second couple Xiao Chuan and Xu Li. Yes, they were eventually married, I still feel that Xu Li’s love for Xiao Chuan is bigger than vice versa. What do you think?

The first half period of Love Is Sweet was indeed delightful while for the next half the plot was getting more intense as the conflict rising up. The antagonist too was well projected as the most slippy villain and was kinda hard to solve but still interesting.

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An unexpected villain female lead

LOVE IS SWEET 13 Love Is Sweet Drama Review: A Girl That Has Tears Allergic
I love Qiao Na’s character in Love Is Sweet

As Qiao Na has a special feeling for Yuan Shuai, I was expecting her to be the main villain female lead, moreover after she was clearly rejected by Yuan Shuai. But come to my surprise that she apparently not! Yes, she was initially desired to blast the kissing photo of Yuan Shuai and Jiang Jun’s, but later decided to hold back and instead gave a warning to both of them.

I love her character for being a smart woman, that there is no good in doing a bad deed, especially just to fight for a man that never drops a single glance at her. If she did that, it will only sever the good relationship she had along this time with him. I’m happy to see her moving on and supporting the couple. However, I do mind her for being paired with a younger man who is infatuated with her. I think she deserves a more decent and capable man, as good as she is, isn’t she? Pairing her with Jia Yuan Ji, I see it kinda out of sense.

The real villain characters come from the Du siblings. Linda harbors a feeling for Du Lei, but the latter choose Jiang Jun instead and that’s why she kidnapped Jiang Jun as a light warning for Du Lei. The way of love by Du siblings is indeed irritating. They remind me of Too Late To Say I Love You but not as worse as it.

A weird lift trapping scene

Love Is Sweet is indeed entertaining, but I found one annoying scene according to my logic. There was a scene where one of Jiang Jun’s female colleagues wants to restrain her by trapping her into the under-serviced lift.

What annoys me most are:

  1. How could she–oh, the screenwriter–offhandedly swapped the under maintenance notification fence? What if the person who entered the lift was not Jiang Jun but innocent people? Could she bear the consequences?
  2. Where are the security guards in that huge building? Why only one person standby? The hilarious thing is there was only one security officer standby in the CCTV room and then he was summoned by the evil colleague to subdue the strangers who made a scene in front of the main gate. The CCTV room was left empty! If this happened in real life, the security team must get severe punishment due to violating the SOP. Oh my!

What do you think when watching this scene?

Rating for Love Is Sweet


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  1. udah lama gak nonton drama china kebanyakan drakoran dan aku jadi makin tertarik untuk download iqiyi sama wetv deh mba penasaran ini sama cerita sinopsisnya bikin tanda tanya alergi air mata itu seperti apa karena baru pertama kali denger, harus liat langsung deh

  2. I like the story, though. learn new something we dont know about tears allergic. and then it comes with sweet ending. Cmiiw.. co cweet

  3. Berakhir dengan happy ending ini, pasti banyak yang sukaa..
    Drama tahun ini kah?
    Aku juga jadi langganan Iqiyi niih..karena penasaran sama Sehun yang main drama China. Lalu ada review Love is Sweet. Jadi search dulu di apps nonton keshayangan.

    1. Drama tahun 2020 teh, kalau tahun ini pemain utamanya masing2 main di Broker (luo yun xi) dan song of youth (bai lu).

  4. Banyak drama cina yang bagus-bagus yah sekarang. Ceritanya menarik banget, aku tapi belum terbiasa sama logatnya hehehe. Tapi penasaran, harus dicoba ini.

    1. Iya, lumayan sih tapi ya gitu di tengah2 suka ada yg draggy atau endingnya keburu2 jadi bikin bingung. Klo bosen sama drakor, ini bisa jadi selingan hehehe…

  5. Cerita yang manis ya dengan bumbu komedi. Kok ada ya gitu orang yang alergi air mata. Rempong dong ya kalau mau nangis hiks.
    Aku sih biasanya bukan penggemar happy ending mba, tapi yawda lah kalau untuk Jiang Jun dan Yuan Shuai gapapa deh, kasiiihh… 😀

  6. Aku kayanya belum pernah nonton drama chinese deh, lihat ini kayanya seru ya. Apalagi mengangkat penyakit langka, alergi air mata.

  7. Baru tahu ada alergi air mata yang bisa bikin bikin sesak nafas, pingsan, masuk rumah sakit. Sampai googling saking penasarannya, tapi kayanya kasusnya jarang banget.
    Sebagus-bagusnya drama, suka geli sendiri pas nemuin adegan yang weird dan terkesan “maksa” hihi

    1. iya penyakitnya emang super langka, akupun sampai ikutan googling dan ternyata beneran ada hihihi…

  8. Wait, so it’s pretty common in K-drama to dub the actors’ voices during filming? I absolutely have no idea! Would definitely love the kissing scenes ^.^

    1. yes, sometimes they do the voice dubbing because many actors come from the various district which has their own unique dialect. So, voice dubbing is needed to “unify” the correct pronunciation of mandarin (putonghua).

  9. Kayaknya baguss ini drama romantis, boleh nih masukin ke list buat nonton nanti pas lagi senggang

  10. drama china sekarang banyak yang bagus-bagus ya mbak, kalau tema cinta yang romantis begini bikin semangat menontonnya

  11. Boleh juga nih rekomendasi dramanya mba.. Otw nonton ntar malem deh biar ga penasaran

  12. Drama romantis China ini ya mba Mels, jadi penasaran ada nggak di viu.
    Banyak banget soalnya, kalau ada rekomendasi begini jadi nggak perlu milah milih langsung cus nonton

    1. Aku kurang tau ada di viu apa gak. Tp yg pasti ada di WeTV dan iQiyi. Skrg aku lbh byk ntn di 2 apps itu hehee…

  13. eh ini baru tahu aku ada alergi air mata sampe segitu efeknya yang aku tahu nih biasanya gatel kulit kalo kena air mata, keren juga ini tema dramanya

  14. Adegan kiss memang ditunggu, seru juga ceritanya kok jadi penasaran pengen nonton. Drakor romantis begini favorit aku, apalagi ada scene yang cemburu2an

  15. dracin tuh ceweknya kayak boneka semua hahaa bikin minder nontonnya 🙂 mungil2, kalau drakor bikin laper kalau adegan makan lol

    1. Terus pemainnya kebanyakan kelahiran 90an lagi ci. Kalo drakor kita ntnnya oppa2 ganteng, kalo dracin nonton xiao didi2 yg masih seger2 🤣🤣🤣

  16. aku baru tau ada alergi dengan air mata, sampai sampai susah bernafas ya.. ceritanya menarik sih ini buat diikuti

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