My Sunshine Chinese Drama Review: Reuniting The Lost Love

my sunshine chinese drama

After finish watching General and I drama, I decided to continue with My Sunshine chinese drama. News said that this drama was a hit back then and many chinese drama lovers shout-out for this one. To kill the curiosity, I read some reviews and episode recaps and later ended couldn’t stop watching the drama until the end. However, I still feel there is some question left unanswered from My Sunshine chinese drama.

This is the third Wallace Chung drama that I watched. I don’t know why but I just become addicted and have high curiosity about him hahaha… In this drama, he appeared with a darker skin tone than the present day or was it because the camera’s quality? Did you notice too? And still, his voice was being dubbed by Biang Jian, like in The Sword and The Brocade.

Okay, let’s talk about the drama. My Sunshine Chinese drama has literal title as Silent Separation and adapted from a novel with same title by Gu Man, one of well-known Chinese mainland novelist.

My Sunshine Chinese Drama Synopsis

My Sunshine Chinese Drama
Tiffany Tang and Wallace Chung starring in My Sunshine chinese drama

This drama tells about Zhao Mo Sheng (Tiffany Tang) and He Yi Chen (Wallace Chung) that separated for 7 years due to misunderstanding and sudden arrangement from Mo Sheng’s father that sent her daughter off to United States. 7 years later, Mo Sheng is finally decided to go back to restart her career as an editorial photographer in Shanghai. Fate made them reunited, but of course not in a pleasant way at the beginning as He Yi Chen is still holding grudge towards her who left him in a sudden and without notice.

The beginning of love sparks

A flashback recalls how the couple started off their relationship. During her freshman year in a university as chemistry student, young Mo Sheng’s spotted a cool guy is reading a book under the tree. In a flash, she became attracted and stealthily took his picture. Nonetheless the guy, young He Yi Chen, caught her red-handed taking his picture. Without any words, he chose to leave the spot but blocked by Mo Sheng whose taking initiative to chat a little with him. Yi Chen tried to ignore her, but the bold Mo Sheng would not budge. Using her canny words, she managed to obtain Yi Chen’s identity, a law student in his 2nd year.

If you didn’t tell me your name, then I will ask around this campus with your photo to get your identity.

Zhao Mo Sheng, 19 years old

Dazzled by his appearance, Mo Sheng then like to follow him around, trying to catch his attention but not in annoying manner. How? She applied to join debate club where He Yi Chen joined in. As a famous and smart student, of course many girls have crushed towards him but he never give any respond. No exception with Xu Ying, one of debate club committee who initially against Mo Sheng’s application but she lost by voting and even more, He Yi Chen is in the pro-side to accept new member outside from law students.

My Sunshine Chinese Drama
He Yi Chen asking for his birthday gift – My Sunshine Chinese Drama | Source:

If in the next 3 years I will become your boyfriend, then why not I exercise my right from now

He Yi Chen, 20 years old

Seeing how Mo Sheng treated him, she actually succeed infiltrate his heart. One day, Mo Sheng’s dorm friends congratulates her upon hearing a rumour that she and He Yi Chen are finally in a relationship. Surprised by that false rumour, Mo Sheng rushed to find Yi Chen, afraid that he will misunderstand her as the culprit who blows that rumour. But when she finally met him to clarify things, she even get more shocking news that the rumour was originally stated by he himself! She froze in a sudden. By the end of the day, they both officially become a couple and passed the days sweetly as a lovey-dovey couple.

The way they were separated

My Sunshine Chinese Drama 4 My Sunshine Chinese Drama Review: Reuniting The Lost Love
Joyce Jian as He Yi Mei

Nevertheless, there is no relationship without hurdle. There is He Yi Mei (Joyce Jian), He Yi Chen’s foster sister, who is tacitly loving him and sees Mo Sheng as a threat. Knowing that Yi Chen didn’t reveal his status as adoptive son of her family, she instead thinking that Yi Chen is not yet trusting Mo Sheng and will eventually break up by nature. Hence one day, she tells Mo Sheng regarding their identity which not blood related and their bond is more than just a sibling.

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This silly girl that being blind by one sided love, couldn’t she thinks that if he didn’t reveal her status as his foster sister, then he actually only regard you as her sister. Not more or less.

At the same time, Yi Chen is also summoned by Mo Sheng’s father to meet up. He offers him to study abroad together with Mo Sheng and all funded by him. His offers doesn’t mean to dishonor him but sincerely to let them have a brighter future. His intention is purely just want to see her daughter live happily with her lover, regardless his economic status as he learns that Yi Chen is a smart guy with good prospect in the future. He Yi Chen is strictly reject the offer. One for his pride and the other is because he knows that apparently Mo Sheng’s father related to his father’s death cause.

Going back to dorm in fury, he meets Mo Sheng who is waiting for him to clarify things she heard from Yi Mei. Just when she about to ask, Yi Chen snap to her that they both shouldn’t meet anymore and break up their relationship. And in the next day, Mo Sheng’s father suddenly sent her off to US. He already arranges everything there with her uncle. Lying that she could go back whenever she feels that US is not that good but apparently not. Meanwhile, He Yi Chen is going devastated after knowing that Mo Sheng has left for good without any words even to her mates. Mo Sheng’s departure is also leave He Yi Mei in guilt and debt, thinking she is the cause of her brother frustration.

Mo Sheng’s distress

Not long after her arrival, she got the news that his father committed suicide after being accused as a corrupt. Her uncle detent her for going home for at least 3 years, as stated by his father dying wish. Upon receiving her heritance and thinking that the money is not come clean, Mo Sheng decided to donate it all as a funding to a start-up company that conducted by a man who graduated from the same almamater. Later, the man she helped for, Ying Hui (Kevin Tan) become her alliance and they are married on paper to help her benefactor to adopt her son temporarily.

After the deed done, Mo Sheng asking a divorce to Ying Hui because she can’t love him back. Ying Hui agreed and asked her to go back to mainland. His intention is to let Mo Sheng see that Yi Chen would not still waiting for her as they have separated for 7 years. But turns out his gut is totally wrong. Upon hearing the updates of Mo Sheng by his mole, he decided to fly to Shanghai as well. Expecting Mo Sheng to go back in his arms. However, the divorce paper that she signed was fabricated and not yet submitted to the official.

Reuniting their love

My Sunshine Chinese Drama
Getting back together after the long separation – My Sunshine Chinese Drama

Yes, in Shanghai after the ups and downs, He Yi Chen decided to get together again with Mo Sheng. He doesn’t want to lose Mo Sheng anymore and lives in regret like the past 7 years he went through. But in the other side Mo Sheng still reluctant to continue their relationship as-however-she is a widow by status. Once again, she breaks Yi Chen’s heart by telling him that she was ever married and divorce. Too bad, he didn’t give Mo Sheng any chance to explain her real state, that she was married by name only. He kept avoiding and brushed her off whenever she tried to tell him how she spent her tough years back then.

Bro, it is better get everything clear in advance than keep presuming and holding the “let bygones be bygones” principle. Moreover if the past will have an impact to the present days.

After contemplating all night, He Yi Chen picks Mo Sheng up in the very next morning. Asking her to bring all her documents and stating that they will go to register their marriage. He wants to show and test Mo Sheng seriousness over their relationship. Both in the car and while queueing in the registry office, he still asks her whether she wants to change her mind. Because once they signed the paper, they can’t going backward anymore.

Facing the obsessive ex-husband

My Sunshine Chinese Drama
Kevin Tan as Ying Hui

Ying Hui’s arrival to Shanghai is of course to win Mo Sheng’s back. Using the state that they are not legally divorce yet, he tries to sow discord between our CP. Too bad, his efforts were easily countered back by Yi Chen as he is a professional lawyer with impressive track records. His dirty trick by fabricating divorce paper is only getting him a lawsuit by Yi Chen. Yi Chen offered him a win-win solution, that it is better for him to voluntarily sign the official divorce paper and he will turns blind of his crime and also leaving a last good impression to Mo Sheng than fighting in the court, which will risking his reputation and company.

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Will finally Yi Chen know the real state of Mo Sheng?

Yes, just wait until episode 24 where they finally able to consummate their marriage and after that Mo Sheng starts to tell her past story, though the scene wasn’t literally be shown since it will just repeat the flashback that already played in the past episodes. So, let’s assume she tells everything to Yi Chen and since they already consummate, he should already know her real status.

My thought for My Sunshine chinese drama

What I like

My Sunshine drama has 32 episode which could be considered as average number for Chinese drama. The plot flows rather smooth and not draggy. I could enjoy every episode and still wishing for more. This drama is also have a happy ending for sure!

My Sunshine chinese drama
Billiard sparing all the night between Hee Yi Chen vs Ying Hui – My Sunshine Chinese Drama

The plot

Though the story seems serious but in fact this drama allow us to enjoy a spoonful of comedic scene presented by YXH’s guys (Yi Chen’s law firm) and Mo Sheng’s office mate. And not forget when Yi Chen and Ying Hui compete directly to attract Mo Sheng’s attention, then they were stay up all night playing billiard to prevent each other getting close with Mo Sheng. Moreover Yi Chen were previously provoke Ying Hui by stating his plan to sleep in the same room with Mo Sheng since they are legally married and he has not book any room yet. Haha!

As a romance drama, there are plenty kissing scenes which will flutter us. Just name it: forced kiss, romantic kiss, even passionate kiss. My Sunshine chinese drama has it all! There is neither conflict that went overboard nor too complicated and quite predictable that the protagonist will able to turn the table.

My Sunshine Chinese Drama

Did you think that I was drunk yesterday?


No, I was sober and always sober.

He Yi Chen

Acting and character’s development

The young version of Yi Chen and Mo Sheng’s acting that played by Luo Yun Xi and Janice Wu respectively are also adorable and come in line with the adult version character. However you might see different personality of young vs adult Mo Sheng. The young Mo Sheng tends to be bold, talkative, and a little bit shameless, while the adult version is likely timid, lame, and frequently make self assumption. This may be the result of the hardships she went through in US. But Mo Sheng will gradually back to her former personality after ditching all troubles and has a firm relationship with Yi Chen.

Then as the episode goes by, we could see the relationship growth between the couple. From hatred and misunderstanding, cold and distant attitude, remorse and sorrow, until they finally have mutual understanding and trust each other so they are able to overcome any hurdles.

What went missing

Just like most Chinese dramas that often have loopholes, My Sunshine chinese drama is also not excluded. Though the storyline is enjoyable, I still find something is missing inside as follows.

Time sequence

My Sunshine stated that the couple were separated for 7 years. But in one interview of Yi Chen vs Mo Sheng, she stated that she left to US in 2004 and the present day is 2014. So where is the 7 years? Did the translation go wrong or did I miss something in the middle of watching it?

Mo Sheng’s cold relationship with her mother

It is told that Mo Sheng’s mother always treat her daughter coldly and indifferent, and that’s why Mo Sheng is only close to her father. Mo Sheng’s mother once stated that she dislike her own child because she hated her husband since their marriage only blocked her career path. For me, the main reason is still unclear. Why she hate her husband that much while she lives comfortably under her husband’s wealth? Did she married by force or married by accident or her husband forbid her to work after giving birth? Thus she had a valid reason to justify her cold treatment towards the father and daughter pairing.

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Mo Sheng’s father corruption case

Mo Sheng’s father is accused for corruption and hence he committed suicide. I don’t know whether the case is related to He Yi Chen’s family or different case since Yi Chen’s father death happened when he was 10 years old. Ying Hui once hinting Mo Sheng that her father might be falsely accused since his lawyer found something amiss from that case. Ying Hui said that they could ask for reinvestigation as long as Mo Sheng come back with him but later being rejected. If this is 2 different cases, so the latter one remains unclear until the end of episode.

For Yi Chen’s father case, it is already cleared by Yi Chen himself and putting the real culprit into prison. Mo Sheng’s father was already paid a proper amount of penalty to Yi Chen’s father company but turned out the money didn’t go to the rightful owner. Yi Chen’s father fell into huge debt and accidentally fell from high building when being chased by debt collector.

I was thinking that rather than the remain episode told us about how the second and third couple be united, it much better to clear up Mo Sheng father’s case to solidify the storyline.

He Yi Chen acts as lawyer

Knowing that He Yi Chen’s job is a lawyer, I am reminded to a Korean drama titled Touch Your Heart which played by Lee Dong Wook and whose job is also a lawyer. In that drama, we were shown some trial scenes to prove LDW’s capability as a promising lawyer. I also expect the same thing when watching My Sunshine chinese drama, but maybe because the story is more focus in romance than the profession, the greatness Yi Chen as lawyer is out of knowhere. Just a pity.

What I dislike

He Yi Chen’s brushing off attitude

I know he is smart and able to make proper vision ahead. Alas, his attitude that frequently brushed Mo Sheng off to explain things comes annoying to me. I am a part of those believer that there must be a good and open communication between couple to make relationship works. If you always cutting off the convo, how you clear up the misunderstanding?

Wasted character of Tong Yi Xing and her family

Who is Tong Yi Xing? She is Ying Hui’s ex-lover. She-driven by her materialist mother-dumped him because he was poor back then. She then marry a young politician but only living mediocre. When hearing that Ying Hui is back to Shanghai, she starts to get his attention. Ying Hui pretends to play along, making her develop some wishful thinking but his real intention is just to take revenge on her.

I thought her appearance will at least making Ying Hui voluntarily divorce Mo Sheng but turns out her appearance is good for nothing. Without her appearance too, the story won’t get affected at all. Does her appearance just to relay a message to not being materialistic since we never know someone’s future could be better than now?

Wasted property

There is one episode showing that Mo Sheng bought a jacket for Yi Chen, expecting him to wear it on reunion event but at the end the jacket is never worn by Yi Chen at all. Compared to most drama I watched, a meaningful property such as gift will at least be used by the receiver. Indicating his/ her respect for the giver and that gift is really meaningful for them.

My rating for My Sunshine chinese drama

My Sunshine Chinese Drama
A happy ending for He Yi Chen and Zhao Mo Sheng

If you love to watch romance drama with less complicated conflict, you should give this a go. Overall is pretty enjoyable but not that tempting to rewatch like The Sword and The Brocade. The chemistry between Wallace and Tiffany is good enough.

Compared to the next Wallace’s drama, Memories of Love which bringing up the similar theme, My Sunshine chinese drama is far more enjoyable and watchable. I dropped watching MoL halfway since the story progressing is super slow, stagnant, and boring. I’m sorry I give up.

If you were looking for more intrigues than just a love story, you could consider General and I which has beautiful fighting scenes.

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  1. I have a question about Chinese dramas. Why are the actors’ voices dubbed? I usually watch Korean dramas and they aren’t dubbed.

    1. because not all actors come from the capital city. some of them came from suburban and tribes so they have their own dialect which might be confusing when they speak mandarin. so in order to make the dialogue clear and understandable, most actors being dubbed.

  2. I think Tiffany Tang was so cute in this show. She giggled a lot and seemed to genuinely laugh at her funny co-worker!

  3. I still don’t understand why he was so mad at her for leaving , when he broke up with her saying such ugly things to her .

  4. Baru tau klo di 2 drama china the sword dan the brocade, mu sunshine suara wallace chung didubbing, aku kira suara asli. Klo shi yi niang, sepertinya gak didubbing ya?

    1. Iya, suara sevent tan suara asli. Wallacce Chung di-dubbing karena dialek Hong Kong-nya masih kental banget hahaha

  5. Suka dengan drama ini. Agree dgn karakter He Yichen yg sering nyebelin yang kayak ngelemparin kekesalan dia ke si Mosheng karena numggu kepastian dari si Mosheng sampe 7 tahun lamanya

  6. So let’s talk about her hair, for the middle of the movie on all I could think about was how terrible her wig was, couldn’t the movie afford a better wig. It’s shimmered in all its polyester shine 🤣😅. Then “BAM”a new ugly wig appeared when she cut her hair short ;alas the new really cheap ugly wig. I think each ugly wig needs it’s own name but I’ll have to think about that one. I was confused though because then in one part of the series, her short hair magically was longer, then ,”Whosh” , in the next part, it was back to the short really bad polyester wig look. Oh ,Oh, almost forgot about the part when husband invited all his co workers to his house for “Hot Pot ” but didn’t tell the wifey… bad move husband, but the best part…. the boob shirt reappears and that’s the first impression she gives to husband’s co workers. Good Lord writers and costume, seriously…🤣🤣🤣. This movie just gets better and better with tacky awefulness. Can’t wait to see what happens next…I’ll keep you all informed.

    1. How about wearing the boob shirt for her marriage license picture!@!!!! lol!

  7. Oh my gosh, where do I start???!!! Firstly, I wish the lead female character would get a back bone and speak up and tell the whole story and defend herself and good lord please please look up and look at people in their faces and not down at the floor all the time, her timidly drove me nuts,, sooo irritating. I don’t know which was my favorite part… was it the constant looking down at the floor or no maybe it was he acting like a robot with NO emotions or was it the way he asked her to marry him 🤣 so romantic or was it the big eyes on her shirt right on her boobs for her wedding outfit. I still can’t stop laughing. What a disaster of a movie.

  8. halo cici.. boleh tau kah kalau pingin nonton my sunshine ini di mana yah..
    ku udah coba cari2 di viki, viu n iqiyi tapi gak nemu..

    thanks cici.. salam kenal

    1. Aku nontin via dramacool say atau sekarang websitenya jadi selamat mencoba.

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