[Review] Benefit Bad Gal Liner Waterproof

As I promised on my previous post Brow Wax that I will post about Benefit’s eyeliner pencil named Benefit Bad Gal Liner Waterproof, here I fulfill my own promise. Hehe… This will be a quick review.
Let’s go!
The pencil liner has 2 side tips. One side is for pencil and the other is smudge sponge. 

The pencil has weakness that it is very fragile and soft. Easily dull and broken, so we have to be very careful. Especially when putting the pencil lid. Otherwise, the pencil will broken away… The smudge sponge makes the pencil has two functions. If we were in hurry, we could just simply smudge the liner and it goes to be an express eye shadow. 
Now, let us give a simple test:

Line contour: Fine, thin, and clear enough
It doesn’t wipe away when being given a splash of water

This is the one I love that the pencil liner is really waterproof and doesn’t easily wipe out. Even when I tried to rub dryly, it still leave a mark. I should wipe it with waterproof toner.
The smudge sponge works very well! The line is smudged well and seems there is no any line form before. Simply perfect smudge. 
Though the line result is very clear enough, but I still prefer use it as to coloring the inner liner then add the gel liner because by using gel, the color seems bolder and alive. But, this is recommended for those who are a newbie in using eyeliner. They could start learning how to use eyeliner with pencil first.
Here is the look when I applied the pencil liner only and smudged a bit.
Well, the result will give us a natural look. I drew a thin line because I’m wearing eyelid sticker hehehe… I don’t have opened eyelid like others T_T. But, I’m still do proud and love my eyes as well. Back to the topic, the pencil liner tagged price is IDR 240,000. Expensive enough but worth for quality. Still, I’m not suggest you forcing yourself to buy high-price cosmetic if you were in tight budget. 
– Real waterproof. It doesn’t smear-up after one day indoor activity and long last
– Easily smudge
– Not easily wipe out though maybe we scratch our eyelid coincidentally
– The pencil is very soft and fragile. Easily dull and broken. Yet, we have to sharpen it often

P.S. I still have another product of Benefit Cosmetic, in line to be reviewed. Can you guess it?

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