[Review] Go RED with Etude Kissade

Hello Ladies! I’m back with a product review.

As mentioned on the title that now I’m going to review a lipstick product by Etude. I think this is an old product one because when I search through Mr. Google, I found several old post at year 2009 ahead. I got the product from my friend who works at sister company of IJB, the license holder of Etude House, as a gift hehe… She gave me a very RED color! Wow!

Okay, won’t take too long, let see the sneak peak of the product.

Uww.. So RED!
The surface of the lipstick is very glossy and smooth. It feels like I’m guilty when I used it because automatically giving it scratch everywhere. And here is the look when I applied the color on my lips.

The result also gloss! I did a bit retouch on photo above, but not far different. Its extremely red and suitable for red lips lover. Btw, the lipstick is not waterproof made but not easily wipe out.

A little smooch on my back hand

Well, overall nothing much I could comment on. It is about personal preference whether you like a very red lipstick or not. But, if you a typical of daring woman, the red color is suitable and will make you ‘alive’ on your appearance. Or maybe to attend night party, red color helps you enough to accentuate your lips. I think the product is no longer on sale, but maybe it could be found at online shop?

Thank you for reading my post. On my previous post, I promise you to make a review regarding Benefit eyeliner. I will do it in few days ahead, so please be patient and look forward for it ya… ^^

With love,
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