Review J.One Cosmetics: Good for Dry Skin?

img 20180226 wa0008 01539909032 Review J.One Cosmetics: Good for Dry Skin?

Hi all,
Sorry for being missing last month since I have to take care my little baby hehehe… Today, I want to share you my latest skincare product by J.One Cosmetics.
Before going through the details, I want to inform that I was offered free products without any advertising fees, and I was also asked to use this product for a few weeks and give honest review.
So, I got this product about mid-Jan after some of custom problem that made it late to arrive–and I almost forgot about this haha. These products was sent from @wearebeureka and here they are:
img 20180226 wa0008 01539909032 Review J.One Cosmetics: Good for Dry Skin?

J.One Jelly Pack

I think most of you already known this product as it become popular recently. So, how does it on my face?
First thing first, let see the product claim.
Jelly Pack Claim
And usage suggestions.
Jelly Pack Claim
First time using it, I squeezed a pea-bean sized amount and started to spread it to my back of the hand. As you can guess, the liquid feels a bit sticky but then melt it through the way. So does how it goes on my face, it leaves you a sticky trace when you patting your skin face. I think this is a cons point of my side. Ah, not forget to mention that aside of the sticky sensation, this jelly pack also has a trace of subtle chemical scent. Not annoying but not in my favor too.
img 20180226 wa0010 0181205773 Review J.One Cosmetics: Good for Dry Skin?
But later on after few minutes, the sticky feeling started to fade out and when you apply foundation after, it truly adhere perfectly on skin and won’t make your face cakey nor cracky. Good job for this point though.
After giving birth my daughter, my skin face changed due to post partum hormonal effect. I was an oily skin with trace of acne scars and large pores, but today my skin is drying yet rough, especially around nose area. I used this jelly pack for a few weeks as a moisturizer and applied it on the last step of my skincare routine. The result is amazingly amusing. Yes, the rough skin I hate is gradually gone and getting back to good state even not a perfect one–yet. Applause for this one also.
img 20180226 wa0002 01539909032 Review J.One Cosmetics: Good for Dry Skin?

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J.One Hana Cream

Feels familiar with those pearly look cream? Me too. Hehehe…. Ever watched this being reviewed by a Korean beauty blogger and now I can have it on my hands. Yeah, let see the J.One Hana Cream that claimed itself as an anti-wrinkle treatment.

Hana Cream Claim
Product claim

Hana Cream Usage
Usage suggestions

This cream is kinda unique, isn’t it? As far as I know, only this cream comes in pearly form and look like a candy. Does anyone feel like to eat them all like me, huh? :p Despite of the unique form cream, Hana Cream is also packaged in glass pot make it looking lux and stunning.
img 20180226 wa0007 011583107657 Review J.One Cosmetics: Good for Dry Skin?
The plus point of this cream is J.One provides spatula to scoop the pearl and keep its hygiene. Oh yes, love it much. After the pearl safely land on my palms, I gently press it to make it easier to spread on targeted spot on my face. I applied it exactly as per instruction. The pearl, however, is easy to spread because of its smooth cream and leaves you silky feeling. In addition, it has subtle floral scent that I love how the scent adhere on my face for few minutes.
To be honest, I don’t really see the different impact after using it since I’m not having much wrinkles yet. But, to use it as a base make-up, I do like the after effect. All the make-up perfectly adhere on skin and last for hours without making my face become greasy or cakey. Right after you apply this cream, you might feel a bit greasy but it only last for seconds. So don’t worry and you will like it after that.
The negative point I think that you should be careful while scooping the pearl out. Otherwise, you might drop it to the floor.
img 20180226 wa0011 01 2044860017 Review J.One Cosmetics: Good for Dry Skin?

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J.One Jelly Pack Vita Mask

The package also came with a sheet mask which in part of jelly pack series. This mask comes with unique package. Using jelly pack bottle imagery in aluminium foil version and 2 steps included.
Vita Mask’s claim.
Vita Mask Claim
Should you unfamiliar with fullerenes, that is a chemical derived from carbon which effectively protect your skin from free radical. For thorough detail, you can read this article.
And usage suggestions.
Vita Mask Usage
As most of sheet mask, there is nothing different in sheet form unless the this Vita Mask has a soft emboss on it and the thicker liquid essence. The post effect right after you release the mask is your face indeed looking glowy literally, greasy all over the face and after you put the Step 2 which contains Jelly Pack liquid, your face gonna look oily and sticky when you touch it. So, I really recommend you to use this product at night before sleep so you don’t have to wash your face again, besides it only wasted the essence, right? Then if you leave it overnight, your face will feel chewy in the next morning.
So in short, do I like this product?
Yes, I like them enough aside the mask because they are leave me with even better skin. For the vita mask, I did really think it’s a good product but to my liking, I’m not agree with those thick and sticky liquid. Just it.
Where to buy? Simply click this link ⇒
See you in the next article, pals! ^^

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