[Review] Lunasol Travel Kit Series

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Heyhooo my fellas beauty ladies… This gonna be a bit long post than before. As you see on the picture above, I got a travel kit set which contain 3 items from my aunty. She bought Kanebo products and get the Lunasol travel kit as a gift, but since she doesn’t want to use it, she gave them to me. Awesome and so much thank you for her! Now, I’m gonna review them one by one. So, don’t move your eyes from here… hehe…
The travel kit contents:
  • 1 knitted houndstooth pouch (I really love the pouch!)
  • 1 tube Lunasol control base (3ml)
  • 1 jar Lunasol skin modeling water cream foundation (3g)
  • 1 Lunasol skin contrast face powder (3.5g)

The package is really worth! I don’t know how much my aunt spend her money until get this superb gift! And I think most of you know how the price range of Kanebo. It is above IDR 200,000 per item. Oh ya, one day I visited their website and found out that the name of Lunasol, apparently is an acronym of LUNAr and SOLar. What a unique name!

Let’s go through the pieces. Put the magnificent lens up!
1. Lunasol Control Base

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515dc img 20130627 195200 [Review] Lunasol Travel Kit Series

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The control base is as same as other base or primer before you apply the foundie step. It already contains SPF 27 PA++, which means the base itself will protect for about 270-405 minutes outside. A good start protection. The texture, as you can see on swatch picture, is a water based and a bit runny but quickly absorb into your skin. Quickly dry too. On my face, the base plays important roles in controlling my sebum. Once I used the foundation without it, my face get oily at short time. Mine color is 01 Glow.
d2b08 capturecontrolbase [Review] Lunasol Travel Kit Series
2. Lunasol Skin Modeling Water Cream Foundation

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a38e5 img 20130627 194911 1 [Review] Lunasol Travel Kit Series

2f5cf img 20130627 195230 [Review] Lunasol Travel Kit Series

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As the name already said, this cream foundation contains of 60% of water (based on the website). It is safe enough for us oily face owner. Mine color is OC 02 which for fair-medium skin tone like me. The foundie also already has SPF 20 PA++, I call it second layer of shield for our face. From all foundation I know, this texture is the best for me. Not too thick yet not too runny, guess it because the high portion of water ingredients. It applies smoothly to my face and dry quickly. Easily blend and not cakey. The coverage is so-so, sheer medium, you need the help of concealer to cover you blemish, but for tiny blemish it is enough to apply 2 times. 
Swatch time!
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3570c img 20130627 195037 1 [Review] Lunasol Travel Kit Series

fff07 img 20130627 195057 1 [Review] Lunasol Travel Kit Series
It absorbs and blends quickly to skin
c0dd1 capturecreamfoundie [Review] Lunasol Travel Kit Series

3. Lunasol Skin Contrast Face Powder

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6ffc2 img 20130627 194804 [Review] Lunasol Travel Kit Series

6ab52 img 20130627 194824 [Review] Lunasol Travel Kit Series

Last step! The loose powder! Most loved item by me! Why? Simply because the powder particle is very subtle, translucent and the light color, and… it has puff inside too. I even considering to purchase for the real size, but the price is… IDR 290.000! I peep when I passed by their counter at Centro MOI. I will hardly consider it. Haha.. But I really love it! Oh and when applying, it really smooth. You might not see but the powder has a tiny amount of shimmer that will enhance and brightening your look. The powder holder sometimes annoying when you are in hurry. Most of time I pour the powder to the lid for quick and easy application.
1cb4e capturefacepowder [Review] Lunasol Travel Kit Series
I do falling in love with this item but have to tighten my belt if I want to purchase in real size. Considering the foundation, I still prefer BB cream to it because the oil control in certain BB cream is much better than that. The foundie is perfect if you went to party or any event like that. For short time event only, but for daily activity, I not recommend it for the oily face. I think I will buy the powder only. Even the powder has no SPF it doesn’t matter because I always wear BB cream before.
With love,
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