[Tutorial] Romantic Natural Look with Caring Colours Beauty License For Professional (BLFP)

Hey, beauty ladies!

I come back with other make-up inspiration. Today’s post is originally purposed for joining Caring Colours Blog Competition regarding their newest product as named above on title. So, here I am come with idea to make a romantic-natural look for a sweet date by using that product. 

Feel intrigued…? 😀

First thing first, here is the product’s view of “Hang Out” theme I bought:

Let us see what inside the trunk is:

The beauty trunk contains of:

  • 1 compact powder natural
  • 1 powder puff
  • 1 pink blusher
  • 1 mini mascara
  • Eye shadow set (nude pink, pink, and purple)
  • Lip colors set (pink, red, and chocolate)
  • Mini brush set (lip brush, blush brush, eye shadow sponge and brush)
  • 1 mirror
A brief product description:
Lipstick dan Eye shadow Caring Colours Happy Series contains:
– Brazillian Pepper, helps to moisturize the skin
– Sancha “C” inchioil extract, the natural source of Omega 3. Omega 3 is also known as endorphine and dophamine hormone trigger which able to raise happy feeling and increase micro blood vein circulation that helps to accelerate the blood circulation, reduce stressness and face skin tension to make it more charming, healthy, and glowing.
Two Way Cake Extra Protection Dual Action Cake (EP DAC) contains:
micro powder as protection of outdoor activities
– moisturizer, anti pollutant, anti oxidant, anti irritation
– SPF 15
Able to covering dark spot, keep the skin smooth, keep away the skin from irritation, and as anti oxidant, protecting face form UV radiation and pollutant.
Caring Colours Luxurious Perfecting Blush contains:
Has a soft texture and gives fresh look on cheek. With vitamin A, E, and UV protection inside for healthy, moist, and protecting face skin.
Wow! This product is very fabulous. Only need one portable bag and we are ready for making over!
Seeing the colors provided inside the bag, I made this kind of signature romantic natural look for you and those who will be on date. Yeah, you go girls! Awesome your partner!
Here we go!


  1. I applied Caring Colours Blemless Balm “Everlast” as the base. 
  2. After that, I went with concealer from other brand.
  3. Put the BLFP powder onto my face.
Finish with the face step, I continue by drawing my poor tiny eyebrow and gave highlight on the brow bone, then move to coloring my eyelid as steps below:
  1. Put the nude pink (#3) onto entire eyelid as a color base with the sponge.
  2. Continue with pink color (#1), apply diagonally from inner lid to outer up eyelid with the sponge.
  3. Last, put the purple color (#2) with shadow brush from outer eye bone, daub it slowly half circularly outer to half inner eyelid. 
  4. Stick the false lashes as your choice.
  5. Draw an eyeliner, I used gel liner from other
    brand onto upper eyelid and half on bottom. 
  6. Put the mini mascara, daub it in zig-zag way. 
  7. Put #2 as outer highlight and #3 as inner highlight onto the bottom eyeline. 
    I wish I had a better camera T.T


Just simply daub the pink blusher onto the cheek. I moved it from up-outer cheek bone to inner cheek. This supposed to reduce chubby look. Other way, you may move it circularly onto the cheek bone for cuter look.  Don’t forget to SMILE while applying! It helps you to determine where your cheekbone spot.

FYI, I really love this color. It gives me a very natural fresh pink on my cheek, yet slightly shimmering.

Last but not least make-up step, coloring the lips!

In the photo, I used these steps on my lips:
  1. Apply a lip balm first as lip base.
  2. I put #1 as first layer. Because my bottom lip is thicker that the upper one, I don’t daub the lip color entirely. I just daub it until half part of my bottom lip horizontally.
  3. As final layer, I put #3 to give more natural look.
A little tips from me in using the lip color:
  • #1 is better for day activity
  • #2 for night activity or particular event because it helps to define you entire make-up
  • Mix-up with #3 to soften the lip color
  • You may just simply choose #3 for daily activity to keep your look very natural and smooth

As a final touch, I daub a shimmer, not a real shimmer but outwitting from a shimmer eye shadow, onto my entire face. Make it looks a bit glowing and glittering. *cling-cling*

And… this is it!

So, do you have another look inspiration by using the product? Or eager to join the blog competition? Find the detail info regarding the contest on YCPA’s site: http://www.ycpa-info.com/. The contest will end on May 2013. So you still have long day chance, dear! Psst, the winner or the competition will get a Singapore trip with the winner of YCPA 2013.

At the end, thank you guys for reading my post and will appreciate much if you would like to leave some comment regarding this post. Is it good or bad? Or do you have any input for me? Don’t hesitate to write it down in the provided column below ^^.

With love,
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Melissa Tjia

Born in 1988 and currently living as a wife and mom of a couple kids. Been blogging since 2012 and have collaborated with numerous brands from various industries. In 2018, decided to be a full time blogger while nursing kids at home. For inquiries please contact hello@melsplayroom.com.


  1. Hi dear,

    Thanks sudah mampir dan komen di sini ya… Anyway, aku udah mampir ke blog kamu cuma pas mau komen kandisuruh verifikasi gitu, tapi kolom verifikasinya ga mau nongol lahan nulisnya, jadi aku ga bisa pos deh~ >.<

  2. Kalo di storenya sekitar 180rban sis, kalo lewst online sih kemaren lagi diskon cuma 150-an. Gak tahu deh incl ongkir atau ga hehe 😀

  3. ah aku pernah liat make up kit ini. brp harganya ya dear?
    love ur eotd btw, so romantic!

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