[Review] Simple French Manicure

This is my first time done a french manicure by myself. The motive is just because I lent the unused FM set from one of my office mate. The set is tickling me to polish them on my nails. My friend said that she actually doesn’t really know how to use the tools and so, thanks to her who already gave me an idea to write this how-to.
Let’s check it out!
First of all, let us go through the contains inside the box:
The brand is called Trend Chic Inc. and it contains of:
  • 1 pcs white nail pencil (I don’t really know what the function is and yet didn’t use it too)
  • 1 pcs french pink nail polish
  • 1 pcs french white nail polish
  • 1 pcs top coat
  • 1 set of press-on guide sticker
Let’s start!
Step 1: Apply the base coat over all nails
For the base coat, I used Face It Repair Therapy Step 2. This item is genuinely supposed to strengthen the weak nails (like mine T.T), but also has another function as base coat. So, why not? We don’t have to spend more money to purchase base coat and nail strengthener for each, right? Oh, though the liquid color is orange, it generates transparent color on our nails, don’t be worry, girls.

Step 2: Apply the second layer

After the base coat dry well, apply the French Pink on top of that. For the better result, apply 2 times.

First apply
Second apply
Step 3: Put the sticker on
Before we could apply the white color, we should put the Press-on Guide Stickerย first right on the bottom line of our nail tips. This sticker is useful to keep the white polish tidy.
Step 4: Apply French White on each nail tip
Wait until the polish really dry before taking out the sticker guide, otherwise the polish result will be messed-up.
And here we go, the final result…!

 photo anigif_zps3eea064d.gif
Thank you for reading! Wish this article helps you and hope you might leave any comment below. ^^~

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