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So, on last 1st March 2020, I was invited by SNP Indonesia to attend their mini gathering in regard of their latest product launching, that is SNP Prep Peptaronic Series. How these products look like? Let’s scrolling down!

SNP (Shining Nature Purity) is a brand from South Korea which not long ago established their branch office in Indonesia. They just released new product series called SNP Prep. The name itself means Play + Replay. The meaning is that they want this skincare will be able to be used many time delightfully for the user. This SNP Prep has 4 key messages as follow:

  • Natural
  • Minimal
  • Simple
  • Basic

In short, SNP Prep is a basic and minimalist skincare series, simple, and made from natural ingredients.

SNP Prep series originally has 3 kinds of product line, which are:

  • Peptaronic (Peptide + Hyaluronic Acid), to hydrate and maintain the vitality of the skin.
  • Cicaronic (Centella Asiatica + Hyaluronic Acid), to soothe and calm problematic skin such as iritation or acne prone skin.
  • Vitaronic (Vit. C + Hyaluronic Acid), to brighten up the skin tone.

At their native country, those 3 series has already been released since the end of 2019. While in Indonesia, they will release those line gradually in order not to confuse the customer.

And without further a do, let’s review this Peptaronic Series!

SNP Prep Peptaronic Series

SNP Prep Peptaronic

The strength of SNP Prep Peptaronic product rest on their main ingredients which contain of 5 kinds of hyaluronic acid (HA) and 6 kinds of peptide in each product. The usage of 5 kinds of HA is supposed to hydrate the skin without any stickiness and absorb into the skin layer, not only on the surface. While peptide is supposed to improve skin elasticity and revitalizing it.

What are the contents of 5 HA’s dan 6 peptides? Look at the table below.

Hyaluronic AcidPeptide
1. Sodium Hyaluronate
2. Sodium hyaluronate Crosspolymer
3. Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid
4. Hyaluronic Acid
5. Hydrolyzed Sodium Hyaluronate
1. Hexapeptide-11
2. Hexapeptide-9
3. Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4
4. Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1
5. Tripeptide
6. Copper Tripeptide

SNP Prep Peptaronic contains of 5 products variant rose aroma which are described as follow:

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Peptaronic Toner

This toner is made with high moisture and rich in nutrition and also able to absorb quickly into the skin, especially to embrace rough and dry skin. It will make skin feels softer, helps improve the moisture barrier and prepare the skin to receive the next skincare step.

The texture could be said a little bit lumpy but not as runny as water. The color is clear transparent and has a hint of rose scent. To use the toner is simply pour adequate amount on to the palm and gently pat the face until it absorbs well. The size is 320 ml, kinda big for toner size compared to the common ones. The positive side is the toner will be last for long.

Peptaronic Serum 

The next step after using toner is using the serum. This serum also has fantastic size, that is 220 ml! The biggest serum I ever met since I learnt about skincare. The bottle design is similar with the toner, only the size is smaller. There is no pipette or pump like most typically serum package. To use this serum is exactly same like the way you use the toner. Just pour adequate amount on the palm and gently pat it to skin.  

Talking about the efficacy, this serum function is to hydrate skin with extra and nourish it, also keep the skin’s vitality thanks to the peptide inside. The Peptaronic serum exclaims its capability to moisture flawless skin and has powdery finish texture.

By the way, this serum’s texture is slightly bit thicker than the toner but both have transparent color. Before using it, please make sure you read it right. Don’t you accidentally swapped it with the toner.

Peptaronic Cream

After using the serum, it must be end with mositruzing cream. The Peptaronic cream is made to balance the natural oil and moisture of the skin while keep nourishing it. The texture itself is lightweight, non-greasy, non-sticky, and quickly absorb.

The package comes in jar with white as the dominant color and inner lid inside. At the launching event, I got the chance to try on and swatch the texture on my back hand. The texture claim is indeed true. Very lightweight, absorb quickly, and not leaving any greasy or sticky feeling. The texture is more to humectant and emollient.

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Peptaronic Tone-up Cream

SNP Prep Peptaronic tone up cream

This product is another uniqueness of SNP Prep Peptaronic series. If most skincare product have cleanser inside, the SNP Prep Peptaronic had not and instead replace it with this tone-up cream. Two kinds of cream, will it be too much for the skin?

Peptaronic tone-up cream contains of pink kaolin which function is to brighten up the skin tone instantly and rich of shea butter which considered an occlusive ingredient. This tone-up cream is supposed to lock the skin moisture, keep its nourishment, and make the skin smoother and plumpy. Magically, the tone-up cream texture is as light as the prior cream and has a hint of pink color. Even a little bit runny instead. While using the tone-up cream, there is powdery or cakey feeling, or even drying up your skin. No no no.

When I tried to swatch it on my hand, I feel amazed with its texture. Because over the tone-up cream I ever tried, most of them is waxy, very occlusive, and has ashy effect after applied on the skin. So, along this time I feel a bit reluctant in using tone-up cream. For me, it is better to wear foundation instead. To see the result, please take a look on the photo below. On the right side, you can see that my skin is brighter than the left side after applying the Peptaronic tone-up cream. It is brighter without ashy effect.

Because its ability to brighten up the skin instantly, it is best to use the tone-up cream in the morning before you start your activity. Then, if you want to look fresh without complicated makeup, this tone-up cream will help shorten your preparation time.

Peptaronic Ampoule Mask

SNP Prep Peptaronic ampoule mask

The last series of Peptaronic is the sheet mask. This sheet mask will be launched later than the prior 4 products. There was only a display in the launching event, so I could not see what inside the package. But, according to the information I got, apart of those 5 HA’s and 6 peptides, the sheet mask also contains additional ingredients: 3 kinds of amino acid and glutathione. Amino acid is supposed to improve the skin health, while glutathione is to brighten and cleansing the dull skin. A little tips, the essence of the sheet mask is also could be applied on the other part of your body which feel dry and rough. So does the 4 prior products above. Those also could be applied on the body, not only on face.

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IMG 20200301 WA0004 01 SNP Prep Peptaronic Series Launching

On yesterday’s event, there was also a skincare demo telling the step by step in using Peptaronic series, start from the toner and end up with the tone-up cream. In that event, we also be informed that all Peptaronic products will be available in Sociolla and Watsons on 9th March 2020 with 20% rebate.

Intrigued to know the price?

All Peptaronic products is tagged for IDR 160.000 for each and before rebate! Except for the sheet mask price is about IDR 16.500. Considering the product size and the tagged price, in my opinion this SNP Prep is really worth the investment and you should give this a try! The price itself is relatively affordable and long lasting for sure. Where on earth you could find a skincare product, especially a serum priced under 200k? It is so rare!

For those who want to dig in more about this product, feel free to visit SNP website or their instagram account

Thank you for reading my article. Hope this is beneficial to you and see you in the next post! If you had any other questions, feel free to write down in the comment box and I will try to answer you as much as I could.

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  1. Waah menarik banget sih rangkaian SNP skincare ini. Warna packaging pun simple yah. Pengen coba moisturizernya deh.

  2. makasih reviewnya

  3. Asiiik SNP udah ada series baruuu! Penasaran sama serumnya nih. Kayanya juga bisa dipakai untuk jangka waktu lama yaaa 😀

  4. Serum emang mahal, soalnya kan kandungan bahannya emang alami dan susah didapatkan ya Kak. Ini termasuk harga yang luamyan juga ya, tapi dengan kualitas yang didapat seprtinya nggak ada masalah. Karena kita pemakai kan kadang nggak boros bisa sebulan lebih abisnya. Pengen coba dulu shet masknya hehehe

  5. wiiiih aku baru tau ini deh beb hihihi, jadi kepo deh pengen cobain jugaaa, kebetulan aku suka nih sama produknya SNP, aku udah cobain maskernya hihi, jadi pengen coba tone up creamnya deh

  6. Wah langsung ada kantor cabangnya di Indonesia, harganya lebih terjangkau ya. Ukurannya serumnya gede banget bisa awet berbulan-bulan nih.

  7. Kalo liat harganya dengan apa yang kita dapat nggak masalah sih ya kak
    aku suka konsep warna dan packaginnya apik gitu. nuansa natural
    di tempatku masih jarang yang jual ini, beli di online lebih gampang kali ya

  8. Waah penasaran banget sama SNP Prep Peptaronic Series ini apalagi sama tone up creamnya btw kemasannya unik

  9. Penasaran nih sama produknya SNP ini, belum pernah coba sama sekali soalnya.

  10. Aku penasaran beb. Pengen cobain. Brand Korea terkenal berkualitas. Mudah2an cocok di kulitku.

  11. Aku penasaran sama SNP ini aku suka pakai maskernya dan skrng dia ada skincarenya lengkap kayak gini packagingnya juga oke banget ya .

  12. Wah SNP ngeluarin line terbaru lagi yah? Aku penasaran sama tone up cream nya deh, menarik banget langsung auto cerah yah hehe

  13. Peoduknya memang beragam dan satu seri komplit ya mba. frankly I haven’t used it but it sounds good

  14. suka sama packagingnya cantik lembut gitu, tapi yaaa sayang diskonnya udah kelewat ya tanggal 9 Maret

    1. sekarang masih promo lagi lho, jadi 120k aja.

  15. desain produk SNP terbaru ini elegan ya 🙂 suka deh, penasaran pengen cobain soalnya kayaknya kandungan Peptaronic nya cocok sama kulit keringku

  16. aku suka toner aroma mawar kek produk terbarunya SNP ini, kebayang lembutnya. Penasaran deh, di Watson ya diskon 20% hmmm … baiklah.

    1. Wowww sebotol gede gitu serumnya bakalan seharga 160 ribuan? Wajib beli nih. Apalagi yang peptaronic ini kayaknya sesuai dengan kebutuhan kulit keringku.

      1. sekarang malah lagi promo jadi 120k aja lho. cek ig storyku deh kak 🙂

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